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Entry #4

Moved to Soundcloud for audio

2016-02-06 00:27:24 by ShAdOxViRuS

Hey, all.

I know it's been a dog's age since I've posted anything and, truth be told, there's been nothing to post.
I haven't really been creating much in the ways of music, but I just recently found my spark again.
Even if it's a small spark, I'm trying to take advantage of it before it fades.

With that, I'll be moving any and all regular releases over to Soundcloud.
Not sure if anyone still cares, but if you want to hear anything I'm working on, Soundcloud's gonna be the place to do just that.

I just released a Phoenix Wright remix, so go ahead and check that out, if you so desire.

Thanks to everybody who's listened to anything I've ever made, and I hope you stick with me through this transition.
I really, truly appreciate any support you're willing to give. It means the world to me.



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2017-06-29 15:59:57

I will stick with you