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Trying to think of some new songs

2008-02-22 21:13:01 by ShAdOxViRuS

If anyone has any good ideas for a remix from an older 8-bit tune (maybe NES/GB), lemme know.
I've run dry on ideas :(


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2008-06-12 14:20:21

add on to review for kraid sone: not an 8 bit recommendation: oh and along wit parasite queen might ye consider hive mecha also from metroid prime...oh and flaagrah or whatever that plant guys name was...oh and mabye the metroid encounter theme (also from prime series (one of the prizes from curruption that you can get for buying with the points u get from scanning))...yes, try to 1-up the already perfectly executed (the logical paradox). but he who attempts the insane will be the first to succeed at the impossible.


2008-07-05 05:12:34

Did you do ninja gaiden yet for the nes (that game was the first one to have cutscenes)?