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Thank you.

2009-10-29 01:59:46 by ShAdOxViRuS

I would like to just thank all the people who listen to my music (original and remixed), all the people who support what I'm doing, and all the people who look forward to me making songs.

It's really a great feeling to know that so many people are listening, and it inspires me to keep going.

So thanks again, guys and gals, and I really appreciate all your comments and criticisms.

If you want to hear a particular remix from me, don't be afraid to request it; I'll try to get to it, and if it's not a possibility, I'll let you know. But I love to hear from you!

Thanks again!


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2009-10-29 02:30:06

Your welcome.
But seriously, you deserve it, your music is awesome.

ShAdOxViRuS responds:

I really appreciate that.
Thanks so much for listening.


2009-12-09 11:53:59

my suggestion: you have done a metroid remix could you be as so kind to try and do a ridley remix....kinda the way you did welcome to kraids(by the way,was awesome :3)with the opening and the kraid roar, this time, how about a ridley schreech or roar

if you dont wish to do this please tell me

PS:your music rocks!

(Updated ) ShAdOxViRuS responds:

Believe me, I've been trying. Harder than I thought, though.
I'd love to do one, but I've been busy with work lately, so it might happen.
Don't lose hope. :D


2010-01-09 06:32:53

i will never lose hope to your music its too good to resist :D
i also got another challenge i know you wont do it but why not think of mother brain music :D

ShAdOxViRuS responds:

I honestly can't imagine topping the end of Crystal Flash (22 minute metal remix of the Super Metroid soundtrack), but it's definitely something that sparks my interest.
I'll keep it in consideration.


2010-09-18 17:13:15

No Problem! Yur Audio's pretty nice, I don't need to be thanked to listen to it!! =D
Nice job on yur muzic,(Chemical rush is my fav.). By the way, SV, (cuz im too lazy to just copy and paste yur name in.:)), M or PM me if u get a chance when a new audio comes out?( i was on good music withdrawl, help me!!;D)

thnx Gleadr